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I was married to Kåre august 4th 2001. On this page I've listed some of the links I enjoyed in preparations to my wedding. Even though I live in Denmark, I used a lot of american websites for inspiration.

My wedding
In danish, but you can see the pictures. Pictures are called "billeder" in danish.
A lot of usefull information about weddings. Including a dressfinder with a lot of gorgeous gowns.
Accessories to die for. They simply have EVERYTHING.

Urban legend
A "sweet" little urban legend about a cheeting bride and the grooms way to handle it.

More urban legends
More urban legends about weddings.
More accessories. I think americans uses more accessories than danes. In Denmark we don't know about either unity candles or wedding favors.

If you want to get married in Denmark
If you want something special, why don't you get married in Denmark? Denmark has a lot to offer, and a lot of places for a very special wedding.

Wedding cakes
Amazing what can be done with marzipan and sugar. The most overwhelming wedding cakes.

Wedding favors
Yet another tradition not known to danes. At our wedding we had all the red wine glasses engraved with peoples names. Thus using them for place cards. Naturally we used Winnie the Pooh-glasses for the children. A great succes.

Wedding invitations
We made our own invitations, but I like some of those as well.

We never got any honeymoon, but this is the site for inspiration. I wish I had the time and money...

How about going to Denmark for your honeymoon? It's special and we have a lot of romantic sites.

Danish castles
Five castles in different parts of Denmark. Availiable for weddings and honeymoons. They have special bridal rooms. Actually I'm invited to a wedding at Sophiendal Castle this summer.


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